The C.E.R.V. concept for 2022.

The 2012 Cannondale CERV or Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle was Cannondale’s solution to what a road bike could look like 10 years from now. The frame geometry can adjust based on road conditions so you can be more aero, upright, or positioned for better recovery. The graphics were designed with a F1 racing style mated to the futuristic archetype of the customer “Boris.” Fast speed lines and color blocking were used to break up some of the larger frame shapes while in keeping with the Cannondale corporate colors that the brand intends to support for a long time into the future.

The 2010 Cannondale Concept E-Bike. An innovative approach to E-Bikes with system integration set as a priority for the concept. The graphics were heavily influenced by TRON Light Bikes. Even thought the silhouette is significantly different there were many aspects of the Light Bike color design which I was able to incorporate into the design.