Custom Paint

I am a product graphic designer who specializes in creating graphics for 3D forms. I have been working in the bike industry for well over a decade and have had the opportunity to touch high profile brands and products. The bikes I have designed graphics for are currently being raced by four Pro-Tour teams along with several rider specific paint jobs for many of the stars of our sport.

Recent awards for products I have designed:

  • 2011 Eurobike Gold Award for the Super Six Evo Ultimate for best bike of the show
  • 2012 Best Bike in the World as voted by Tour Magazine
  • 2012 Eurobike Gold Award for the Super Six Evo Black Edition for best bike of the show
  • 2012 Eurobike Gold Award for Super X Hi-Mod Disc
  • 2012 Eurobike Gold Award for the Trigger Carbon
  • 2015 Bike of the year France for the new Tarmac
  • 2015 Bicycling Editors Choice for the new Tarmac Disc


I had the pleasure of working with Ron for over 5 years and he is a dream to work with. He’s capable of bleeding edge design without the “ivory tower” baggage. He’s both a collaborator and source of inspiration for everyone that works for, with, above or around him. His capabilities are astonishing: From product graphics to digital animation—he owns whatever “canvas” is in front of him. – Scott Struve

Ron’s ability to design fresh and cool looking graphics for Cannondale’s bikes made it much easier to sell them to my accounts. – Doug Dye